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Eye Drops: Tips and Tricks!

Eye Drops: Tips and Tricks! If you’re fearful of using eye drops, know you’re not alone! Chances are that you might be putting in the drops incorrectly! Holding the bottle directly above your eye and then watching the drop as it falls slowly toward your eye is possibly the hardest way to do this. Plus, … Read more

Summer Vacay After LASIK Eye Surgery

Summer Vacay after LASIK Eye Surgery with Dr. Charles Manger

Summer Vacay after LASIK Eye Surgery. Finally, summer is right around the corner! Whether you’re planning on relaxing on a tropical beach, exploring historic destinations, or camping under the stars, glasses and contacts can cause unnecessary hassle. How many of you have ever lost your glasses while on vacation, or forgotten your contact case and … Read more

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Good Eye Health – You Are What You Eat

Good Eye Health – Growing up you probably became accustomed to listening to your mom tell you to “eat your carrots, they’re good for your eyes!” Low and behold, she was right! Carrots and other orange colored fruits and vegetables contain Beta-carotene, a type of Vitamin A. Beta-carotene helps to protect the surface of the … Read more

Reading Glasses Lasik Eye Surgery

Glasses: The Struggle is Real

Glasses: Millennials (ages 18-34) have been described as being open-minded, confident, self-expressive, and receptive to new ideas and ways of living. On the other hand, they are also described as self-centered. Their lives are largely based on the use of modern technology; and their day-to-day activities revolve around social media. That being said, the need … Read more

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A LASIK Surgeon

The Three Mistakes to Avoid are… Thinking LASIK Is All About The Technology: There are only 2-3 different lasers used for LASIK. If it was only the technology that was important, everyone would have the same outcomes.  But, they don’t because… There are over 2 dozen decisions your surgeon must make before doing your procedure. … Read more

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LASER EYE SURGERY: The Safest Elective Procedure In the World

Everyday, we have patients come to Saddleback Eye Center to determine if laser eye surgery can help correct their vision so that they no longer require the use of glasses and contact lenses. Often, patients come into our office with fear about having a laser eye surgery procedure on their eyes. With a warm smile, … Read more


LASIK Eye Surgery – Did you know..

Did you know…LASIK is much easier than you think it is? Everyday, we have patients come into Saddleback Eye Center concerned that having LASIK eye surgery will be a long and painful process. However, Dr. Manger and the Saddleback Eye Center staff want to assure you that LASIK is, in fact, a very quick and … Read more

Am I Too Old for LASIK?

Am I Too Old for LASIK? One of the most commonly asked questions at Saddleback Eye Center is, “Am I too old to get LASIK eye surgery?” The answer is “No!” Dr. Manger has performed LASIK on people of various ages, from patients as young as 18 to our oldest at 91 years old! For … Read more

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Saddleback LASIK Eye Surgery Center Reviews

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Saddleback Eye Center is hearing from patients how LASIK has improved their quality of life. From days to years following their procedure, patients have expressed their gratitude to Dr. Manger for helping them gain amazing vision through LASIK eye surgery. Here’s what some of our patients … Read more

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage. Did you know?

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage. The conjunctiva is the clear membrane that covers the white part of the eye, (sclera). It protects and lubricates the eyeball and also allows the eye to turn easily. The conjunctiva contains many small, rather fragile blood vessels. Rupture of one of these small vessels or capillaries results in a subconjunctival hemorrhage. This … Read more

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Pinguecula – Are You at Risk?

Pinguecula…did you know… That without properly protecting your eyes from harmful conditions such as UV rays, wind, and dust, one may be prone to develop pinguecula. Pinguecula is a small, fleshy lump, typically a whitish or yellowish color, that grows on the white part of the eye (called the sclera). Adults who are exposed a … Read more

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Refractive Surgery Improves Military Readiness

As military personnel are often subjected to extreme conditions and uniquely demanding jobs, it is not feasible for members to be inhibited by the hassle and limitations of glasses and contacts. Fortunately, refractive surgery allows for these patients to have excellent vision without corrective lenses. A recent study conducted by Rose Sia, M.D., focused on … Read more

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Is LASIK Affordable? How Much Is LASIK Surgery?

For many patients contemplating laser eye surgery, considering the cost of the LASIK procedure may be one of the factors that prevent them from moving forward. That’s why it’s helpful to understand what determines the cost for LASIK. The cost for LASIK will range depending on a number of different factors including the patient’s ocular … Read more

The Truth Behind LASIK “Lifetime Guarantee”

The Truth Behind The LASIK “Lifetime Guarantee”  While a “lifetime guarantee” for LASIK certainly sounds attractive, the truth behind LASIK is LASIK is a surgical procedure and NO surgical procedure can be guaranteed.  The main problems associated with a ‘lifetime guarantee” are: It’s good for the lifetime of the center, not of the patient There … Read more

Investigating LASIK Surgery in Orange County

Investigating LASIK? There is no chance that I would have anyone shoot a laser beam into my eye, fry it, just to get rid of my reading glasses. I would rather resort back to my Federal agent days, carrying a machine gun through a door in Bogota, Columbia with forces of the Medellin Cartel being … Read more

Amblyopia – Poor Eye Vision – What is it?

What is amblyopia? Amblyopia is poor vision in an eye that did not develop normal sight during early childhood. It is sometimes called “lazy eye.” When one eye develops good vision while the other does not, the eye with poorer vision is called “amblyopic.” Usually, only one eye is affected by amblyopia, but it is … Read more

What are Floaters and Flashes

What are floaters? You may sometimes see small specks or dark shadowy shapes that look like spots moving in your field of vision. These are called floaters. They’re particularly noticeable when looking at a blank surface or an open space, such as a blank wall or blue sky. Floaters are actually tiny clumps of gel or … Read more

Orange County LASIK Procedures

For some, it’s human nature to initially fear something, until you have the right information — especially when it comes to how safe LASIK is when done by a very experienced surgeon. Our eyes are one of the most important organs. They are ones of the most sensitive, too. We are often hesitant to undergo … Read more

LASIK and opthomology

American Academy of Opthalmology

New Frontiers in Opthalmology discussed at the 2012 meeting American Academy of Opthalmology Leading Orange County LASIK surgeon, Dr. Charles Manger attends the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology earlier this month in Chicago. In November, Dr. Charles Manger,  a leading Orange County LASIK surgeon, spent time in Chicago at the annual meeting … Read more

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Danger of Budget LASIK Centers

LASIK is not a commodity — you won’t get the same outcome with different surgeons – there are 20-30 decisions a surgeon must make on every eye. Do it right the first time and avoid complications or further LASIK procedures. Your outcome will only be as good as the surgeon you choose.  Budget LASIK centers … Read more

How to Find The Best LASIK Eye Surgeon

Here at Saddleback Eye Center we know how important your vision is to you. We understand that finding the right LASIK Eye Surgeon to perform your LASIK eye surgery can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. To make researching easier for you, we have provided a breakdown of the four main categories of LASIK eye … Read more

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PRK vs LASIK What is PRK vs LASIK? What does it do? PRK stands for Photo refractive Keratectomy. Like LASIK, it is a laser vision correction procedure that corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This procedure may be recommended for patients with certain corneal conditions such as very thin corneas, corneal scarring, or patients who have … Read more

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The most advanced LASIK technology in Southern California

Dr. Manger at Saddleback Eye Center offers the most advanced, state-of-the-art laser vision correction technology in order to meet every patient’s visual needs. Dr. Manger is a world expert in the LASIK industry, and was one of the first LASIK surgeons in the U.S. to adopt All-Laser LASIK technology. Let’s start at the beginning: What … Read more

LASIK finance options

Glasses vs. LASIK: LASIK Eye Surgery Costs & Benefits

Are you tired of the inconvenience of wearing glasses? Maybe you have considered LASIK eye surgery costs, but haven’t decided on it because you’re not sure if it’s affordable. Here’s some information that will shed the light on the costs and benefits that an Orange County laser surgery.   Consider this… a successful LASIK surgery will … Read more

Nick – Saddleback Eye Center Patient

Nick – Saddleback Eye Center Patient Having LASIK at Saddleback Eye Center was the best experience I’ve ever had. Go see Dr. Manger and his staff — you won’t regret it. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I can’t imagine going back to having to wear glasses and contacts every day. Nick

State-of-the-Art and NASA-approved LASIK Technology

LASIK technology and its effect on vision correction- we have heard about this many times but what exactly is LASIK technology exactly? What are the different types of laser technology? Are all LASIK the same? To answer common questions about LASIK, here are some facts which will help you understand LASIK technology better. First off, … Read more

Kristin S – Saddleback Eye Center Patient

No question I made the right decision Kristin S – Saddleback Eye Center Patient No question that I made the right decision on selecting Saddleback Eye Center to take care of my eyes. I opted not to go with many options near my home in West Hollywood to come here. After researching Saddleback I can … Read more

InsideLASIK. A Behind-the-Scenes Look

InsideLASIK Event. If you’re considering LASIK, you’ve probably done some homework. You may have researched LASIK surgeons online and read up on their training and experience. Perhaps you’ve learned a bit about how LASIK is performed or read some patient testimonials. But when it’s time to actually choose your LASIK surgeon, is this information enough? … Read more

Enjoy the Top 10 Views in Orange County with Clearer Vision

Life in Orange County has some amazing benefits—one of which is the beautiful natural environment and breathtaking coastline. A relatively short drive or hike can reward you with an incredible view. And what better way to enjoy these vistas than with clear vision, without the hassle of glasses or contacts? If your goal is to … Read more

Understanding LASIK: How It will Correct Your Vision

Understanding LASIK. Easing the Fear of the Unknown The fear of the unknown can be intimidating if you are considering LASIK. If you don’t know exactly what to expect or how LASIK works, you might be hesitant about going through with the procedure, and understandably so. To help you understand LASIK and ease those fears, … Read more

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