Most Common Fears About LASIK Eye Surgery

One of the biggest reasons people put off getting LASIK eye surgery is fear. It is only normal to feel this way, but most of our patients regret waiting so long to get LASIK after realizing how easy and pain-free it is with Dr. Manger.

Should You Be Afraid Of LASIK Surgery?

Many people are fearful of the LASIK procedure because they are worried about feeling pain or discomfort or have anxiety about touching their eyes. For those who are nervous, we do offer Valium to help you feel more relaxed. Dr. Manger uses numbing eye drops during the procedure, so you do not feel any pain at all! Best of all, one of our technicians will be your coach who will be next to you and walk you through the whole process step-by-step. LASIK with Dr. Manger is quicker and easier than your typical dental visit!

Occasionally, we will have a patient fearful about going blind or having worse vision after their LASIK procedure. You could not be in better hands! Out of the over 90,000 LASIK procedures Dr. Manger has done at Saddleback Eye Center, no one has ever gone blind or had worse vision than they started with. Rest assured, less than one percent of Dr. Manger’s patients ever need a touch-up procedure.

LASIK Doctor You Can Trust

To help you feel even more comfortable in our office, we have freshly baked cookies and lunch provided to our patients. We arrange a complimentary hotel stay for those coming from outside the local area. Our number one priority at Saddleback Eye Center is making sure you have a comfortable and successful LASIK experience!

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