How Much Does LASIK Cost?

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

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Many patients are asked “how much does LASIK cost?” and are pleased to find that LASIK with Dr. Manger is an affordable alternative compared to the amount of money spent on glasses, contact lenses, and solutions. And when considering cost, you should also think about the value of seeing the world in a new way of wonderment, without the struggle of glasses and contacts. For many, this WOW factor is priceless.

Industry experts conservatively estimate that LASIK costs less than the average person spends on glasses, contacts, and eye exams over an 8 to 10 year period. LASIK may even pay for itself in less time if you need prescription sunglasses for driving or outdoor activities, or if you have astigmatism or need specialty contacts for presbyopia correction. Every time you purchase new glasses and contacts, you could already be paying for your LASIK procedure.

Saddleback Eye Center offers a variety of financing options, including interest-free financing. With our affordable LASIK eye surgery, you don’t have to wait to start enjoying better vision. Learn more about financing LASIK.

Some laser vision centers advertise laser vision correction for deeply discounted prices. But the buyer must beware. To charge cheaper prices, these centers must cut corners on things like surgical experience and technology, which negatively impact patient outcomes. In fact, a Congressional study done in 2006 showed that 1 in 6 patients having LASIK at one of these “budget” centers was unhappy with their vision.2 If patients knew of this study, they would not risk their vision at a budget center.

You shouldn’t sacrifice on quality when it comes to your vision. No other LASIK surgeon can match the experience and skill of Dr. Manger:

  • Dr. Manger has personally performed over 90,634 LASIK procedures3
  • 99.7% of Dr. Manger’s LASIK patients see 20/20 or better following their procedure. The other 0.3% are happily seeing 20/303

Contacts And Glasses Calculator

Curious to find out what you’ve been spending on glasses and contacts over the years? Use our cost comparision calculator to add it all up. You might be surprised!
How old are you?
How much do you pay for all your regular glasses,
prescription sun glasses per year?
How much do you pay for a box of contact lenses?
How many boxes of contact lenses do you use per year?
How much do you pay for a bottle of contact lens solution?
How many bottles of contact lens solution do you use per year?

Total cost over your lifetime:
Based on these calculations, LASIK will save you thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime. Start saving today!

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18 months NO INTEREST FINANCING available on approved credit. Monthly payments as low as $100 per month.
Calculations based on average U.S. lifespan of 85 years.

Schedule your free* LASIK exam online

Take the first step toward freedom from glasses and contacts Schedule your free* LASIK exam online and receive a certificate for special LASIK savings.

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Note: Green dates are available. Gray dates are unavailable. Red dates are booked. Gray times are unavailable.

*Offer limited to 10 free LASIK exams per day. Regular fee schedule available at time of consultation. $200 exam fee will apply to patients who have had any previous eye surgery. This fee will be applied towards surgical procedure.

On occasion, the Intralase procedure cannot be performed on a patient due to various eye conditions such as corneal scarring, small orbits or previous refractive surgeries. In these cases, PRK may be considered as an alternative to LASIK.

Cannot be combined with other offers or insurance. LASIK $1,950-$3,350 per eye. $800 discount when LASIK is performed on both eyes. Single-eye LASIK procedures receive a $400 discount.

Receive an additional $250 discount per eye when you have your LASIK exam and LASIK procedure done on the same day. Regular fee schedule available at time of examination. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Certificate has no cash value.

LASIK is a surgical procedure intended to reduce and potentially eliminate your need for glasses or contact lenses. As with all surgical procedures, there are risks that will be discussed with you prior to having your procedure. These risks include, but are not limited to fluctuating vision, visual symptoms like glare or haloes around lights, dry eyes that require eye drops, and the occasional need for a retreatment.

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