Dr. Charles Manger, the LASIK Expert in Orange County

Dr. Charles Manger

What makes Dr. Charles Manger the LASIK Expert?

Unlike multi-location LASIK centers, Saddleback Eye Center maintains a solitary focus on LASIK by Dr. Charles Manger. That’s why Dr. Manger is the LASIK Expert in Southern California. As the LASIK Expert, Dr. Manger is able to provide the utmost in quality and attention to detail that his patients deserve. He remains 100% focused on LASIK and this is the ONLY PROCEDURE he performs, 5 days a week, 49 weeks a year. This experience leads to the wisdom that you will only find with Dr. Manger.

One office, one surgeon, one specialty

Dr. Manger, the LASIK Expert, personally sees all of his patients in a single office location. You will never be passed off to another surgeon or surgical center. And unlike many other LASIK centers where professionals other than the surgeon make the decisions, Dr. Manger personally determines your candidacy for LASIK during your initial exam. He is also 100% focused on LASIK — it’s the ONLY PROCEDURE he does.

Dr. Manger’s “one office, one surgeon, one specialty” approach allows him to provide an unmatched level of attention to detail and quality of care. You won’t find another LASIK center in Southern California who has only one surgeon who works out of a single office location and who only performs LASIK laser vision correction.

Highest level of experience and skill

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No other LASIK surgeon can match the experience and skill of Dr. Charles Manger. With over 92,000 LASIK procedures personally performed, he is ranked in the top 1% of LASIK surgeons in the nation.1 What’s more are Dr. Manger’s unsurpassed outcomes — 99.7% of his patients see 20/20 or better after LASIK. As for the other 0.3%? They happily see 20/30.1

It’s no wonder that in Orange County, 35% of patients choose Dr. Manger out of 64 practicing LASIK surgeons.2

Committed to delivering a WOW

Dr. Manger doesn’t just want to give you better vision. He wants you to live life to its fullest, without the struggle of glasses and contacts. Dr. Manger has had vision correction surgery, so he understands how life-changing it can be. Living a lifetime of wonderment can be yours, when you choose the LASIK Expert, Dr. Charles Manger.

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  2. Market Scope United States Refractive Atlas, 2012.

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