Blended Monovision

Are you in your 40s or 50s and wearing reading glasses?

blended monovision imgImagine that you’re sitting at the kitchen table with your morning coffee and newspaper. Does it seem like you’re straining your eyes to focus on the print and holding the paper further and further away each day?

Around age 40, you begin to need reading glasses for up-close activities. You may even need bifocals or progressive lenses so you can see both distance and near objects with one pair of glasses. This loss of focus in near vision is called presbyopia and naturally occurs in your 40s or 50s. With presbyopia, you can no longer read a book or magazine, see your cell phone or text, or see your watch clearly without reading glasses. Even activities like putting on makeup or shaving become difficult without reading glasses.

Presbyopia and LASIK

For years, you may have been hearing that you’re not a candidate for LASIK because you wear reading glasses. Your eye doctor might even have told you that you’re not a LASIK candidate because you are farsighted. This is a common misconception about LASIK. In fact, most people with farsightedness or who need reading glasses are good LASIK candidates. Dr. Manger has specialized in correcting these conditions since 1996.

Dr. Manger can help with laser eye surgery for presbyopia

Dr. Manger offers patients with these conditions a solution to their vision problems with presbyopia LASIK or “blended monovision” LASIK. In blended monovision LASIK, Dr. Manger adjusts each eye differently. One eye is corrected for the distance vision and the other eye for reading and other up-close activities. Since Dr. Manger can give you both distance and up-close vision, you will no longer need reading glasses for most, if not all, up-close activities. Many patients do not like “standard monovision” shown to them by another eye doctor, but they are very comfortable with Dr. Manger’s customized blended monovision.

See for yourself if blended monovision is right for you

Blended-monovision is a highly individual choice and not right for everyone. You can ask ten different friends and family members about their experience with monovision and get ten different responses. The best way to find out how blended monovision LASIK will work for you is to come in for your complimentary 2½-hour LASIK exam. Dr. Manger is an expert at helping patients choose the right monovision correction for their individual needs. We will actually be able to demonstrate blended monovision so you can see for yourself how well it will work for you.

If you would like to get rid of those pesky reading glasses that you have scattered all over your house, office, and car, call us today at 877-351-3937. Schedule your free* LASIK exam today or to request more information about blended monovision LASIK for presbyopia.

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