How Much Does LASIK Cost?

With LASIK eye surgery being the most preferred vision correction surgery, it’s natural to wonder, “how much does LASIK cost”? However, the value of LASIK eye surgery costs goes beyond the price, especially considering the cost-benefit analysis.

Now, how much does LASIK cost?

Contributors To LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

As with all surgeries, various factors determine the cost of LASIK eye surgery. These include the necessary type or level of vision correction, the technology used, and, most importantly, your surgeon’s expertise.

Surgeon Skill  Level

Naturally, your surgeon’s skills and experience have a direct relationship with your LASIK surgery cost; the more proficient your surgeon, the more your surgery will cost.

With the level of advanced skills and knowledge that LASIK technology requires, choosing a reputable surgeon with proven expertise is crucial for a successful operation. Additionally, the eye is a delicate and intricate organ – don’t leave it in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon.

Vision Correction Surgery Type

Like all surgeries, the surgery cost increases with the extent of the operation required. Patients with less severe vision problems usually pay less relative to patients with more significant eye problems. This is also due to the prescription and aftercare costs, which varies from one patient to another.

Laser Technology

Last but definitely not least, the laser technology used is a significant factor in the cost of LASIK eye surgery. All-Laser Custom LASIK, the latest advancement in LASIK technology, usually costs more than its older models.

Depending on your doctor and the laser technology used, you may also incur additional LASIK manufacturer costs.

While it may be tempting to opt for cheap LASIK eye surgery, you must remember botched eye surgeries may cost you more in the future. On top of a likely inexperienced surgeon, questionably low LASIK eye surgeries can also be attributed to subpar technology or additional hidden fees.

Saddleback Eye Center’s Dr. Manger is a world-renowned LASIK eye surgeon who has performed over 94,000 LASIK procedures. Dr. Manger also maintains his pristine reputation by using only established, state-of-the-art LASIK technology to ensure optimal results. For questions and inquiries about LASIK surgery, please contact us today!

Are There Financing Plans For LASIK?

To make LASIK surgery more accessible, Saddleback Eye Center offers numerous financing plans that break down the cost of LASIK surgery into affordable monthly payments.

As the nationally leading LASIK surgeon’s practice, Saddleback Eye Center aims to help, patients see the world clearer – with 20/20 vision. This is why we offer numerous LASIK finance and payment options. For more information on our LASIK financing options, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is LASIK Worth The Investment?

In terms of costs relating to monetary value alone, LASIK offers significant savings. Without the need for prescription glasses every few months, LASIK surgery essentially pays for itself over time. On average, the cost of LASIK is around eight to ten years of contacts or glasses plus eye exams.

LASIK eye surgery also significantly decreases your chances of eye infection. Numerous studies have concluded that there is a five times higher risk for infection with long-term contact lenses compared to a single LASIK procedure.

Additionally, LASIK eye surgery also offers time savings. On average, people using contacts spend 30 hours annually putting on and removing contact lenses. With LASIK, you’re offered a permanent solution for a one-time procedure.

On top of the economic advantages, the improved quality of life is also a notable advantage of LASIK eye surgery. No more foggy glasses when drinking your favorite hot drink/soup, no more worrying about contact lenses when swimming, and more!

Without a doubt, LASIK is a necessary investment with endless benefits. For more information on LASIK cost or financing, please contact Saddleback Eye Center today!

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