6 Benefits Of LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye treatment in Orange County utilizes cutting-edge laser technology to correct several vision problems like farsightedness, nearsightedness, and more! Many have marveled at and contemplated getting LASIK eye treatment in Orange County, but is it really more beneficial than other alternatives? Here are the six major benefits of LASIK.

Cost Savings

The average patient spends $6400 on prescription glasses and $12,000 on soft contact lenses in the span of 20 years. Given that LASIK eye treatment in Orange County is permanent, you’ll be saving so much money spent on prescription glasses, contacts, contact lens solutions, annual eye exams, and more! Compared to the maintenance and cost of glasses or contacts, LASIK is the less expensive option in the long term. Most LASIK patients would probably agree that you can’t put a price on the ability to wake up in the morning and see the alarm clock with crystal-clear vision!

Time Savings

Every year, prescription wearers are forced to spend time at annual eye exams to get updated glasses or contact lens prescriptions. The average contact lens wearer spends 30 hours per year putting in and removing contacts. Imagine waking up with crystal-clear vision as soon as you open your eyes! That’s the life-changing result you get when you have LASIK.


Patients who use contact lenses know that improper use can easily lead to eye infections. In fact, the risk of infection associated with long-term wear of contact lenses is five times higher than the risk of a single LASIK procedure. Especially amidst the pandemic, we’ve all learned how important it is to refrain from touching your face to avoid spreading germs.

Vanity And Aesthetics

Most glasses and contact lens users are familiar with the added hassle that prescriptions cause when looking fashionable. If you want to wear fashion sunglasses, you either have to wear contacts or get prescription sunglasses made. However, after LASIK, you can choose any pair of non-prescription sunglasses! Plus, consider how often your glasses fog up while wearing a mask a day.


Imagine waking up in the middle of the night hearing a loud noise in your house. Is it an intruder? Did your dog knock over the lamp again? How can you know until you frantically find your glasses or put them in your contacts? There is nothing worse than feeling helpless in an emergent situation because you can’t see clearly.

Better performance in work, sports, and daily activities: Clarity of vision allows you to perform any task you take on more efficiently without the hassle of glasses or contacts. Seeing the world clearly will give you a whole new perspective on life.

Ultimately, LASIK dramatically improves your quality of life on many levels. Don’t be held back by poor vision. Live life to your fullest, with crystal-clear vision after your LASIK eye treatment in Orange County with Dr. Manger!

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