What Costs More? LASIK or the Hassle of Glasses and Contacts?

What Costs More? LASIK or the Hassle of Glasses and Contacts? The answer might surprise you! If you’re still just thinking about having LASIK, there must be something holding you back. For a lot of people, it comes down to sticker shock. Anything with a price tag in the thousands of dollars range can be … Read more

Orange County LASIK Eye Surgery

Orange County LASIK: Serving Irvine, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel When it comes to choosing a LASIK surgeon, a referral from someone you trust can go a long way. For example, if a close friend or family member were to tell you who performed their Orange County LASIK procedure, wouldn’t you be more inclined … Read more

LASIK Surgery – How Successful is it?

Since LASIK was approved by the FDA, more than 20 million LASIK procedures have been performed worldwide. With a patient satisfaction rate of more than 95 percent, LASIK surgery is rated as one of the safest, most reliably successful surgeries in the history of medicine. At Saddleback Eye Center, Dr. Charles Manger provides a custom, … Read more

What Is 20/20 Vision?

What Is 20/20 Vision? What Does 20/20 Vision Mean? How Can I Get It? 20/20 vision refers to normal visual acuity, or the sharpness and clarity of vision measured at a distance of 20 feet. When you have 20/20 vision, it means you can see the same line of letters on an eye exam chart … Read more

What is Wavefront (or Custom) LASIK Technology?

What is Wavefront Lasik Technology? LASIK surgery is a complicated procedure that requires precise technical equipment and the steady hand of a very experienced surgeon. While there are many different tools available to LASIK surgeons, some technologies are far more advanced than others, and using the most advanced technology helps ensure the best surgery results. … Read more

Here’s The Truth Behind the LASIK “Lifetime Guarantee”

The Truth Behind The LASIK “Lifetime Guarantee”  While a “lifetime guarantee” for LASIK certainly sounds attractive, the unfortunate reality is LASIK is a surgical procedure and NO surgical procedure can be guaranteed.  The main problems associated with a ‘lifetime guarantee” are: It’s good for the lifetime of the center, not of the patient There are … Read more

What to Expect on the Day of Your LASIK Surgery

What to Expect on the Day of LASIK Surgery Many patients wonder what will happen on the day of their LASIK procedure. And while it’s natural to feel a mix of anticipation and nervousness about having LASIK done, some patients are overly fearful, thinking that it will be a painful, long and arduous process, but … Read more

Nearsightedness and Farsightedness? What’s the Difference?

The Difference Between Nearsightedness and Farsightedness If you’ve been diagnosed with nearsighted vision or farsighted vision, or if you’re just concerned that you may have one of these conditions, then you’ve probably got questions about them. Many people have trouble understanding the difference between nearsighted and farsighted, but fortunately, we’re here to clear things up. … Read more

LASIK eye surgery cost in Orange County

LASIK Eye Surgery Prices Vary So Widely. Why?

How Much Is LASIK Eye Surgery? LASIK eye surgery cost in Orange County about budget LASIK surgery cost vary depending on where you get it done, buy why? How could one place charge only $1,000 per eye, when others are charging $2,500 or more? It’s relatively complicated, but this post will explain exactly what goes … Read more

How Long is the LASIK Recovery Time?

The recovery time from LASIK surgery with Dr. Manger is quite short. Choosing to have LASIK surgery doesn’t mean you’ll have to put your life on hold. Virtually all of our LASIK patients are able to resume their normal activities the very day following their procedure. Here is a detailed explanation of what the after-care … Read more

How Long Does LASIK Surgery Last?

Is LASIK Permanent? One of the most common questions we receive is “How long does LASIK last?” LASIK surgery is a serious investment, and our patients want to know whether or not the surgery will permanently improve their vision. The good news is that the vast majority of our patients receive permanent improvements to their … Read more

LASIK Eye Surgery Technology

Tell Me About LASIK Technology LASIK Technology – Excimer Lasers, Femtosecond Lasers & Wavefront. Are you considering having LASIK surgery, but hesitating to actually get it done because you don’t trust the technology? Well we’ve got good news – LASIK technology is safe, effective, and backed by some serious technology. Saddleback Eye Center offers one … Read more

Does LASIK Hurt? Is Laser Eye Surgery Painful?

Does LASIK hurt? One of the most common questions we receive from patients is “Does Laser Eye Surgery hurt?”, and for good reason. In the past two decades, there’s only one thing about LASIK surgery that has not changed a bit: the public remains misinformed about LASIK, how it works, and how safe it is. … Read more

Budget LASIK Top 5 Reasons Why it Isn’t a Good Deal

“Budget LASIK” Top 5 Reasons Why it Isn’t a Good Deal

As you consider LASIK surgery you’ll find a number of advertisements offering discount LASIK surgery online, in magazines or even by street sign spinners. These budget LASIK centers often claim to generate the same results as more expensive centers, with the surgery costing as little as hundreds (as opposed to the usual thousands) of dollars per eye, but are they really worth it?

What are the Laser Eye Surgery Risks?

There are a number of reasons why people don’t take that first step towards laser eye surgery and clear vision — the fear of LASIK eye surgery risks. The fear of pain or worse, going blind after an eye surgery, is a very real fear for most of us. But hurting and going blind are … Read more

Are You a Custom LASIK Eye Surgery Candidate?

“I’M NOT A CANDIDATE FOR LASIK?!” Have you ever thought or heard you weren’t a good LASIK candidate? Truth is, you very well may be! ***At Saddleback Eye Center, we routinely turn away 20% of people who are NOT good candidates*** Many eye care professionals erroneously tell you that you are not a good candidate … Read more

Correct Common Vision Problems with LASIK

Orange County LASIK uses state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Manger of Saddleback Eye Center uses all-Custom LASIK procedure which can cure more than just nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The all laser custom LASIK is safer and more accurate than the laser correction surgery introduced more than a decade ago. The state-of-the-art technology coupled with the skill of a specially-trained surgeon like Dr. Manger means that better vision is easy to achieve.

Discover the Wonderment of Clear Vision

When all of our senses are working well, we take them for granted. As kids, most of us would happily read with a flashlight and sit too close to the TV or computer screen, despite our parents’ reminders about taking better care of our eyes. And then we grow older.

Review Us About LASIK Eye Surgery

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, we’d appreciate you taking a moment to review us online. At Saddleback Eye Center, we care about your opinion and value your feedback. Have you had a LASIK experience with Orange County LASIK surgeon Dr. Manger? Are you excited about how much your vision has … Read more

Kevin N. – Saddleback Eye Center Patient

I can see! Thank you Dr. Manger! Kevin N. – Saddleback Eye Center Patient I learned of Saddleback Eye Center from the John & Ken Show. I did a Google Search and discovered that they had a five (out of five) star rating. I was very pleased with how professional and courteous the staff here … Read more

Sally M. – Saddleback Eye Center Patient

It is wonderful to wake up and see the world again Sally M. – Saddleback Eye Center Patient The office staff are very professional, very efficient. They made the effort of making me feel comfortable. They explained the process every step of the way. I have read some of the reviews before coming here. The … Read more

Kristin S. LASIK Patient

No question I made the right decision No question that I made the right decision on selecting Saddleback Eye Center to take care of my eyes. I opted not to go with many options near my home in West Hollywood to come here. After researching Saddleback I can say the only thing that needs to … Read more

Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eyes are one of the most common eye complaints among adults. If left untreated, or if treatment is not effective, dry eyes can be more than just irritating and uncomfortable. Excessive eye dryness can compromise the surface of the eye and may even affect vision.



I felt 100% safe and confident with Dr. Manger What a wonderful doctor, staff doctors and crew! I felt 100% safe and confident handing my eyes over to Dr. Manger to fix. It all started with the seminar that I went to on Saturday – what an excellent seminar. It gave me the confidence in … Read more

Spencer Paysinger

spencer-2I have been wanting LASIK for the past few years now and wherever I went, I heard Dr. Manger’s name mentioned. As a football player, we have to see and react instantly and I always found myself straining my eyes to see the simple things on the field.

My aunt had her surgery done at Saddleback Eye Center and told me all about the procedure as well as the whole staff. After winning Super Bowl XLVI, I knew LASIK would be my present to myself and having it done here was truly amazing. Dr. Manger and his staff knew exactly what they were doing and they make you feel right at home.

Blepharitis. What is it anyway?

eye-dropsBlepharitis is an inflammation of the oil glands at the base of the eyelashes and of the membrane covering the inside of the eyelid. Blepharitis can be caused by bacteria in the eyelid glands, on the eyelids, or on the skin around the eyes. Dandruff or oily skin can also cause blepharitis, and wearing contact lenses or makeup can make the symptoms worse.


John B. – Saddleback Eye Center Patient

The gift of sight is a true miracle John B. – Saddleback Eye Center Patient Dear Dr. Manger, I have worn high-prescription (-9) glasses since the age of 2. This precluded me from playing many sports and always made me feel self conscious and a little awkward. Contact lenses were a huge improvement but had … Read more

Ophthalmic migraines

migraineOphthalmic migraines, also called retinal or ocular migraines, cause temporary disturbances in vision that usually affect only one eye. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and visual disturbances such as light sensitivity, floaters, mysterious reflections, blurred vision, double vision, or flashes of light that appear as jagged lines.

Ocular migraines occur when blood vessels in the brain constrict, reducing blood flow to the eyes. Although the exact cause is not well understood, migraines may have some basis in genetics, as 80% of sufferers have a family history of migraine. Stress and hormonal imbalances may also be a factor, as well as fatigue, emotional disturbances, certain medications or foods, excessive noise, and changes in the daily routine.

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