LASIK Eye Surgery Prices Vary So Widely. Why?

How Much Is LASIK Eye Surgery?

The cost of how much is LASIK in Orange County varies depending on where you get it done, but why? How could one place charge only $1,000 per eye, when others are charging $2,500 or more? It’s relatively complicated, but this post will explain exactly what goes into determining the cost of laser eye surgery.

Many LASIK providers quote the cost of their procedure on a “per eye” basis, with marketing materials offering prices with rates like “$2,500 per eye”, or some similar figure, but how do they come up with that pricing, and why is there sometimes so much variation between pricing at different places?

Like anything else, LASIK eye surgery prices are partially determined by provider costs for particular expenses related to providing the service, like rent for an office location, the costs of medical equipment, and salaries of personnel, but the two most important factors are costs associated with primarily surgical skill and secondarily, technology.

Prices are sure to vary when comparing different states, geographic regions, or sometimes even neighboring counties, but the general consensus is that LASIK will cost around $1,500 – $3,000 per eye, depending on where you live, how experienced the surgeon is, what procedure you’re going to have done, and what technology is being used on your eyes.

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Is Cheap LASIK eye surgery Safe?

As we wrote in our post about budget LASIK surgery cost, there’s a reason that these providers are able to offer LASIK eye surgery at reduced prices – they’ve cut corners on surgical skill, technology and patient care and aren’t providing the highest quality service possible.

Oftentimes, cheap LASIK is only offered because the surgeon performing the operation has very little experience, has a history of poor patient outcomes, or is using outdated technology and techniques.

Obviously, more experienced surgeons using cutting edge technology are going to cost more, but where do you draw the line between competitive and outrageously expensive?

How important is your vision? And would it be worth risking your eyesight to save a few hundred, or even a couple thousand dollars? Are you willing to take that chance?

Choosing the Right Procedure

One mistake that many patients make is assuming that “LASIK” refers to only a single procedure, done the same way no matter where you go, but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

In fact, there’s a wide variety of LASIK techniques, from the traditional one that involves using an actual metal blade to slice through the layer that protects your cornea so it can be reshaped via laser surgery, to more modern techniques that don’t use blades at all, but are driven by 100% laser technology.

While traditional (read: older) LASIK techniques will certainly come with a lower price tag, they’re also less precise, involve longer recovery times, higher complication rates, and poorer visual results.

Furthermore, many of the providers advertising bargain-basement pricing end up costing just as much, if not more, than operations done by far more qualified, much more experienced providers. Have you heard about LASIK patients laying on the operating table while being pitched better technologies, newer techniques or other services for “just a few hundred more dollars”? It happens every day!

Our patients never experience this bait and switch tactic, but go into their surgeries knowing the exact cost of the operation, the entire process for the surgery, as well as the plan for recovery and follow-up care.

But more importantly, we only offer a single type of LASIK – 100% custom, bladeless surgery that utilizes the latest technology to ensure that you’ll have a safe and successful outcome.

How to Shop for the Right Provider

Instead of focusing so much on LASIK eye surgery’s cost, what you should be zeroing in on is ensuring that you’re having the procedure done by a surgeon who is a true LASIK expert and one you can truly trust. 

Don’t you deserve a surgeon with the experience, technology and expertise to provide you with lasting, crisp and clear 20/20 vision? We think you do!

The most important part of the entire LASIK process is making sure that you’ve chosen the right surgeon, as LASIK results are dependent on only about 10% technology, and 90% surgeon skill.

Here are five strategies for ensuring that you’re finding the right provider:

  • Choose a Specialist – Make sure that your surgeon focuses exclusively on LASIK, and isn’t distracted by offering a variety of different surgical procedures. Do you want your eyes operated on by someone who’s solely focused on, and mastered the most modern LASIK techniques, or who simply knows how to perform LASIK surgery, along with cataract surgery and other procedures?
  • Avoid Budget LASIK – There’s a reason you’re being quoted such a cheap price! Budget LASIK centers are notorious for offering inexperienced surgeons, outdated technology and poor follow-up care. Is saving a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars really worth risking your perfect vision? Keep in mind, the best LASIK surgeons are not going to be found working at budget centers!
  • Check their Reputation – Speaking to previous patients is a good way to get a good feel for how effective any potential provider will be. Can (or will) your surgeon provide you with patient testimonials or patient feedback? Do those patient testimonials match your experience during your exam?
  • Qualifications Count – Like any other industry, some LASIK surgeons are known for providing the best possible results, while others consistently fail to deliver. Review your Dr.’s credentials to make sure that they’re fully qualified. How many surgeries have they performed? What’s their success rate? And how often do they have to provide “enhancements” after the first surgery?
  • Don’t Ignore Personality – When you go to purchase a car, home electronics or any other expensive retail product, it’s likely that the salesperson’s personality plays a role in your decision to purchase, or pass up, on the product. Shouldn’t that count here as well? Make sure your potential surgeon represents attention to detail, compassion, and a friendly attitude. How are you treated by the office staff during your initial phone call or during your exam?

LASIK’s True Cost

Experts conservatively estimate that the cost of LASIK surgery in Orange County is actually lower than what an average person is expected to spend on glasses, contacts, eye exams and related costs over an 8-10 period, making it a substantially better deal in the long-run.

But what’s more – the younger you are, the more you stand to save over the course of your life, since each year that you won’t require new glasses or contacts is another year that LASIK has saved you some serious coin.

In fact, for some patients, LASIK offsets the cost of new prescription sunglasses or contacts far sooner than purchasing specialty due to worsening astigmatism, presbyopia, or other similar conditions which no longer presents such a substantial financial liability.

Just remember – each time that you go to purchase new glasses or contacts, you could have spent that money on a permanent solution instead.

With a variety of financing options (including 0% financing), some of the best success rates in the industry, cutting edge technology and an experienced surgeon who specializes exclusively in LASIK eye surgery procedures, there’s no reason for you to go anywhere other than Saddleback Eye Center.

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