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Is LASIK Affordable? How Much Is LASIK Surgery?

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March 23, 2016
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Is LASIK Affordable? How Much Is LASIK Surgery?

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For many patients contemplating laser eye surgery, considering the cost of the LASIK procedure may be one of the factors that prevent them from moving forward. That’s why it’s helpful to understand what determines the cost for LASIK.

The cost for LASIK will range depending on a number of different factors including the patient’s ocular health and prescription, and exactly what type of treatment is best for them. However, the LASIK cost will also depend on the quality of experience and technology provided at the LASIK center that they decide to proceed with.

While you can find LASIK advertised for extremely low costs at budget centers, here are some things to know about laser eye surgery and why you should go to a reputable eye center:

  • When budget centers offer deeply discounted prices, it is because they are cutting corners on quality, technology, or surgeon experience to offer a cheaper price. This takes away in quality of the process leads to a take away in quality of the result. In fact, a Congressional study done in 2006 showed that 1 in 6 patients having LASIK at one of these centers was unhappy with their vision.
  • It is important that when it comes to your eyes, it should be done right the first time. At Saddleback Eye Center, the skills and experience of Dr. Charles Manger as a LASIK eye specialist combined with the state-of-the-art LASIK technology he uses ensures just that.  

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We use the most updated, state-of-the-art technology at Saddleback Eye Center and our LASIK pricing is fair and consistent with the average cost of all-laser LASIK in Orange County.

LASIK is an investment in your vision and quality of life, and we understand that your eyes are worth investing in. That’s why we offer a range of affordable financing plans to fit each patient’s budget.

Our most popular option is an 18-month, no-interest financing plan which allows patients to make payments ranging from $100-300 per month depending on the recommended treatment. We also offer extended two, three, and four-year plans with interest.

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