Refractive Surgery Improves Military Readiness

As military personnel are often subjected to extreme conditions and uniquely demanding jobs, it is not feasible for members to be inhibited by the hassle and limitations of glasses and contacts. Fortunately, refractive surgery allows for these patients to have excellent vision without corrective lenses.

A recent study conducted by Rose Sia, M.D., focused on comparing the levels of preparedness of 360 military members both before and after their refractive procedure, to see if it goes beyond correcting vision to the level of glasses and contacts.

The study compared preop military performance with performance 6 months following their refractive procedure. The patients were assessed on 8 measures, ranging from “weapon sighting ability” to “ability to function at night” using a 5 point scale to range from “very bad” (1) to “very good” (5). The median scores were 5 on all measures, meaning they were improved from their preop scores.

“Active duty U.S. military felt their vision after undergoing refractive surgery significantly improved their military readiness and capabilities,” Dr. Sia said. The visual results of this study show the superior outcomes of refractive surgery are highly beneficial to our military personnel.

Dr. Charles Manger of Saddleback Eye Center is Orange County’s leading LASIK and Refractive Surgery Expert.

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