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LASIK Technology – Excimer Lasers, Femtosecond Lasers & Wavefront.
Are you considering having LASIK surgery, but hesitating to actually get it done because you don’t trust the technology? Well we’ve got good news – LASIK technology is safe, effective, and backed by some serious technology.

Saddleback Eye Center offers one of the most successful LASIK treatments in the country, called LASIK, and powered by state-of-the-art technological innovations. Here is a simple introduction to three of our most important lasers:

  • Wavefront TechnologyWavefront LASIK is one of the newest techniques available, well-known for being the most advanced, most effective type of laser technology. Wavefront lasers are able to measure your prescription 25 times more accurately than the measurements taken during more traditional eye exams, allowing surgeons with the tech to be far more precise.And we’ve got good news – Dr. Manger’s LASIK procedure utilizes this incredible technological innovation to ensure that you’ll receive a precise, custom-designed LASIK treatment specifically suited to meet the unique needs of your eyes.Our approach is not a one-size-fits-all method, but a completely customizable technique that responds to the specific imperfections of your eyes. Dr. Manger’s Wavefront laser helps identify all the imperfections in your visual system, and allows Dr. Manger to correct these imperfections with the next two devices.
  • Femtosecond Laser TechnologyThe femtosecond laser represents one of the greatest single technological advances since LASIK’s introduction in 1989. In fact, femtosecond lasers are precisely the reason why we at Saddleback Eye Center can claim that our procedure is 100% blade-free, or all-laser LASIK technology.Those surgeons operating without a femtosecond laser (offering what we refer to as “conventional LASIK”), still have to rely on a metal blade and a mechanical holding device to create the corneal flap. Would you rather have a precision laser, or a metal blade operating on your eyeball?Dr. Manger’s LASIK procedure relies on the femtosecond laser, allowing him to offer significantly more precision than traditional LASIK procedures. Additional benefits to using the femtosecond laser include:
    • Fewer complications compared to traditional mechanical devices (metal blades)
    • Significantly increased precision and control in creating the corneal flap
    • A much safer procedure with significantly less patient anxiety
    • Dramatically lower rates of negative side effects like haloes and glare

    Without access to a femtosecond laser, your LASIK procedure couldn’t be 100% blade-free, and its precision wouldn’t be nearly as accurate. Fortunately, Dr. Manger has always believed in remaining at the very forefront of advances in related technology.

  • Excimer Laser TechnologyAs the backbone technology for the most important part of the process, excellent excimer lasers are absolutely vital to ensuring that your LASIK procedure returns perfect results. But not all excimer lasers were created equally, and some are significantly more accurate than others.Fortunately, Dr. Manger’s conviction to provide his patients with the best possible results carries through in his choice of technology, and he’s one of a very select group of LASIK surgeons in the United States to have access to three of the most advanced excimer lasers on the market.Leveraging the VISX Star 4 with Iris Registration, the Allegretto Wavefront 400 and the very latest Allegretto WaveLight EX500, Dr. Manger is able to create a fully customized, completely unique treatment plan for each and every patient, developing a solution specifically tailored to each individual eye.While most LASIK surgeons leverage the same excimer laser to treat all of their patients, Dr. Manger doesn’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach. Dr. Manger will choose the excimer laser that will best correct each individual eye. In fact, Dr. Manger will sometimes use one laser on one eye and another laser on the other eye to achieve the best possible visual result for each patient. His excimer lasers feature advanced eye-tracking devices to automatically follow eye movement up to 1,000 times per second, responding to those movements to ensure that the laser bean is centered on your eye at all times during the LASIK procedure.

But Technology Isn’t Everything

Technology certainly counts in producing the best results, but LASIK experts agree that the results are driven by 90% surgeon skill and only about 10% technology. Having to make more than 24 decisions on each eye, LASIK surgeons need a great deal of experience to produce the best results.

And that’s precisely why you can trust your vision to Dr. Manger. His experience – including over 72,000 LASIK surgeries – provides him with the expertise to make the right choice for each and every one of those decisions, and his LASIK diagnostic examination is the most comprehensive in the industry.

Dr. Manger doesn’t dilute his skills by performing other types of eye surgery or by working at multiple locations either. There’s no wonder that over 30% of LASIK operations performed in Orange County are done by Dr. Manger – he is the LASIK technology expert.

How Do I Get Started?

To see for yourself just what makes Saddleback Eye Center and Dr. Manger so special, we welcome you to join us at a free LASIK seminar. Here, you’ll get all the details on the LASIK process, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions about the procedure, and your attendance will be rewarded with a $250 discount off the price of LASIK surgery at Saddleback Eye Center.

To RSVP for our next seminar, please call us now at 877-351-3937.

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