Does LASIK Hurt? Is Laser Eye Surgery Painful?

Does LASIK hurt?

One of the most common questions we receive from patients is “Does Laser Eye Surgery hurt?”, and for good reason.

In the past two decades, there’s only one thing about LASIK surgery that has not changed a bit: the public remains misinformed about LASIK, how it works, and how safe it is.

Fortunately, we’ve got good news for those of you who are afraid of having the procedure done due to concerns about LASIK being painful. The WOW LASIK procedure offered by Saddleback Eye Center is 100% pain-free!

We understand that having your eyes operated on may seem daunting, however we’re happy to report that it doesn’t hurt a bit. In fact, the vast majority of our patients report feeling no pain or discomfort during or after their procedure.

To better understand why our LASIK procedure isn’t painful, it’s essential for you to get the details on how the process actually works. Here’s an explanation of the Saddleback Eye Center approach to laser eye surgery.

How Does LASIK Work?

LASIK is a unique laser eye surgery technique created by Dr. Manger of Saddleback Eye Center. Our process is a combination plan involving full-service patient care, the latest technology and extensive expertise that only Dr. Manager can offer.

First, Dr. Manger, Orange County’s top LASIK surgeon, personally conducts a 14-step comprehensive eye examination to ensure that you’re a well-qualified candidate for receiving LASIK surgery.

Next, on the day of your scheduled procedure, Dr. Manger will utilize state-of-the-art bladeless technology to perform your procedure, ensuring that your LASIK experience will be 100% pain-free.

Thanks to our impressive technology, including the nation’s top 2 lasers for reshaping your cornea and correcting your eye’s vision, the entire LASIK procedure only takes a few minutes per eye, and it’s extremely rare for our patients to note any feelings of pain or discomfort.

Thanks to Dr. Manger’s extensive experience, including his completion of over 72,000 successful LASIK procedures, you can rest assured that your vision is in the hands of an absolute expert.

Following your procedure, we’ll request that you wear a set of special high-quality, polarized sunglasses, and that you rest your eyes for the remainder of the day, but you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort even after the numbing eye drops have worn off.

Most of our patients resume regular activities (driving, reading, going to work, etc.) within 48 hours of receiving their treatment, making the LASIK process extremely convenient even for those with exceptionally busy schedules.

How Do I Get Started?

Hopefully we’ve alleviated your concerns and proven to you that LASIK is not painful, but if you’ve got additional questions, please free to contact us for further explanation.

In fact, to make sure that you’re fully informed about LASIK, we’d like to invite you to attend an Inside LASIK event at our office, where Dr. Manger and his staff will explain the LASIK procedure to you in person, including its benefits and risks, and answer any questions that you might have.

You’ll also get to speak with previous patients, ask them questions about how their procedure went and we’ll reward you for your attendance with a $250 discount on your procedure! To sign up for our in-person seminar, please fill out an RSVP form here.

Alternatively, if you can’t make one of our monthly in-person seminars, please consider viewing a recorded Inside LASIK webinar online here, then filling out the following patient form and we’ll issue you a $100 discount on your procedure for your participation.

There’s no question as to why Dr. Manger is one of the most prestigious LASIK surgeons in the country and ranked among the top 1% of all surgeons in the United States – his LASIK procedure carries a 20/20 vision success rate of 99.7% (with the other .3% happily seeing 20/30) and it’s 100% pain free!

To schedule your free LASIK exam with Dr. Manger, please call us now at 877-351-3937.

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