How Long Does LASIK Surgery Last?

Is LASIK Permanent?

One of the most common questions we receive is “How long does LASIK last?” LASIK surgery is a serious investment, and our patients want to know whether or not the surgery will permanently improve their vision.

The good news is that the vast majority of our patients receive permanent improvements to their vision, with 99.7% of patients seeing 20/20 after receiving LASIK surgery (and the other .3% seeing 20/30).

However, there are some circumstances where LASIK doesn’t last forever, and an enhancement needs to be made down the line. Fortunately, these occurrences are quite rare.

If you’re concerned about how long your LASIK surgery will last, the following three points should alleviate some of your concerns:

  • LASIK Eye Surgery is Typically PermanentIt’s extremely unusual for our patients to require re-treatment, as this occurs in only a very small number of cases. On the rare times that vision improvements don’t remain permanently, it generally requires a small enhancement to further refine the vision.The vast majority of our patients will never need any sort of enhancement, upgrade, or retouching, because the vast majority of LASIK vision improvements are permanent.
  • When Vision Does Recede, It’s Typically Not By MuchThe odds of your prescription regressing to your original, pre-LASIK level is exceptionally low. Even if you do end up being one of the very few patients who experiences some vision regression over the years following your surgery, the chances are good that it will only be minor. And the good news is that it is generally easy enough for Dr. Manger to achieve excellent visual results with an enhancement procedure.
  • Dr. Manger is one of the Nation’s Most Trusted LASIK SurgeonsDr. Manger is the only true LASIK expert. With over 94,000 successful surgeries under his belt and a success rate of providing 20/20 vision to over 99.7% of his patients, you can rest assured that your eyes are in good hands with him.There’s a reason why Dr. Manger is ranked amongst the top 1% of LASIK surgeons in the country, and why more than 30% of LASIK patients in Orange County choose to have their procedure done by Dr. Manger.

    He’s the best in the business, and the vast majority of his patients experience permanent improvements to their vision.

Have Further Questions?

To get answers to questions about the permanency of LASIK, or any other LASIK related issue, please consider attending one of our free monthly seminars.

Here, Dr. Manger and the Saddleback Eye Center staff are on hand to walk you through the LASIK process and address any questions or concerns that you might have.

Better yet, if you attend one of our seminars, we’ll give you a coupon to save $250 off the price of your LASIK surgery at Saddleback Eye Center.

To sign up for one of our seminars, ask more questions about the LASIK process, or get additional details about Dr. Manger and Saddleback Eye Center, please call us today at 877-351-3937.

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