How Much Does LASIK Cost?

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How Much Does LASIK Cost? Many patients are pleased to find that All-Laser Custom LASIK with Dr. Manger is an affordable LASIK procedure compared to the amount of money spent on glasses, contact lenses, and solutions over time. And when you also consider the value of living your life without the struggle of glasses and contacts, the cost may seem even more affordable. For many, this extra value of having LASIK is priceless. When making a decision whether or not to have LASIK, you have think about what clear vision is worth to you. This extra WOW factor may be the difference maker for you and help you realize that the cost of LASIK really is affordable and well worth every penny.

Industry experts conservatively estimate that the cost of LASIK is less than the average person spends on glasses, contacts, and eye exams over an 8-10 year period. LASIK may even pay for itself in less time if you need prescription sunglasses for driving or outdoor activities, or if you have astigmatism or need specialty contacts for presbyopia correction. Every time you purchase new glasses or contacts, you could already be paying for LASIK.

Saddleback Eye Center also offers a variety of financing options, including 0% financing, to provide you with an affordable LASIK eye surgery. You don’t have to wait any longer to enjoy clear vision. With 0% financing, you can break up the cost of your LASIK eye surgery into manageable payments spread over time.

Contacts and Glasses Calculator

Curious to find out what you’ve been spending on glasses and contacts over the years? Use our cost comparision calculator to add it all up — you may be surprised!

How old are you?
How much do you pay for all your regular glasses,
prescription sun glasses per year?
How much do you pay for a box of contact lenses?
How many boxes of contact lenses do you use per year?
How much do you pay for a bottle of contact lens solution?
How many bottles of contact lens solution do you use per year?

Total cost over your lifetime:
Based on these calculations, LASIK will save you thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime. Start saving today!

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18 months NO INTEREST FINANCING available on approved credit. Monthly payments as low as $100 per month.
Calculations based on average U.S. lifespan of 85 years.

So, How Much Does LASIK Cost? Don’t wait any longer – affordable LASIK surgery is just a phone call away. Call us today to schedule your free LASIK exam* with Dr. Manger now!

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