Glasses vs. LASIK: LASIK Eye Surgery Costs & Benefits

LASIK eye surgery costs photoAre you tired of the inconvenience of wearing glasses and catch yourself wondering, “how much is LASIK in Orange County?”. Here’s some information that will shed the light on the costs and benefits that an Orange County laser surgery.  

Consider this… a successful LASIK surgery from an experienced surgeon will last a lifetime. A LASIK procedure corrects common vision problems by re-shaping the cornea. Once the cornea is restored to its right shape, normal sight is obtained. There’s no need for a repeat procedure because as long as the cornea’s curvature is normal, sight is also normal. That means that you only need to spend money once, making it a cost-effective solution to various eye problems.


On the other hand, glassed need to be changed almost yearly. Dr. Charles Manger is an expert in “blended monovision” treatment, so when you have an Orange County LASIK procedure, you won’t need reading glasses in most or all up-close activities. The cost of all the glasses that you need to buy in a lifetime may be higher than a laser eye surgery cost.

See just how affordable LASIK really is.

calc2useUse our Contacts and Glasses Calculator to find out what you’ve been spending on glasses and contacts over the years.

LASIK is in your budget.

We offer 0% financing with an average monthly payment of $100-200.

If you can afford cable TV, you can afford laser eye surgery to see it!

In fact, studies have shown that the cost of LASIK is lower than the cost of contact solution over a ten-year period and the cost of glasses over a twenty-year period.

Benefits also include:

  • Your favorite activities like sports are now enjoyable because of your clearer eyesight.
  • You can resume your normal activities the day after your LASIK surgery.
  • Your night vision problems are also improved.
  • You don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of glasses, contact lenses, and solutions.

Overall, a better quality of life that comes with a clear eyesight is the most important thing that you can easily achieve when you have an Orange County LASIK surgery.

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