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When it comes to choosing a LASIK surgeon, a referral from someone you trust can go a long way. For example, if a close friend or family member were to tell you who performed their Orange County LASIK procedure, wouldn’t you be more inclined to choose the same LASIK surgeon? The answer is most likely “yes,” especially if their surgeon was able to give them an excellent or even 20/20 outcome. What was a good choice for them is probably a good choice for you, too!

Dr. Manger Treats More than 1/3 of All Orange County LASIK Patients

With that thought in mind, you might be interested to learn that 35% of patients in Orange County choose Dr. Manger for their Orange County LASIK procedure.1 That’s out of a total of 64 LASIK surgeons who practice in Orange County! To join the crowd, schedule your FREE* exam with Dr. Manger today.

Sometimes, It’s All About Who You Know…and What They Know

So 35% sounds like a pretty decent number of patients, but what does this mean for you? It means that if you ask around, you probably already either know someone or know someone who knows someone who had their Orange County LASIK procedure performed by none other than the LASIK expertSM, Dr. Charles Manger. At Saddleback Eye Center, this is referred to as “6 degrees of Dr. Charles Manger.” Ask around—you might be surprised how quickly you can make the connection back to Dr. Manger!

The beauty of relying on a referral is that you get to take advantage of someone else’s research. They likely did all of their homework and learned everything there is to know about their LASIK surgeon (and other Orange County LASIK surgeons), which can save you a considerable amount of time. You can rest assured that if you know someone who chose Dr. Manger, it was because they discovered he was the Orange County LASIK surgeon with the best credentials and expertise that can only be developed over years of dedicated and focused experience.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Probably Know Someone Who Has Chosen Dr. Manger for Orange County LASIK

If you take a look at experience and expertise, it’s really no wonder that so many patients looking to have an Orange County LASIK procedure choose Dr. Manger as their LASIK surgeon.

  • Dr. Manger has been performing LASIK—and only LASIK—since 1996
    Many other LASIK surgeons also perform other types of eye procedures, such as cataract surgery. Because Dr. Manger is 100% focused on LASIK, his expertise in the field is unmatched.
  • Dr. Manger has personally performed over 94,000 LASIK procedures2
    Other LASIK surgery centers may claim to have performed more procedures, but the number is divided among many different surgeons and locations. No other individual Orange County LASIK surgeon has done as many procedures as Dr. Manger.
  • 99.7% of Dr. Manger’s patients end up being able to see 20/202 (the other 0.3% end up 20/30 or better…still an excellent outcome!)
    Anyone can claim to give their patients great results, but Dr. Manger can back his up with documented records located right in his Orange County LASIK office. Don’t be afraid to ask for documented results when choosing a LASIK surgeon—Dr. Manger is proud of his results and happy to share them with anyone who asks.
  • Dr. Manger uses only the most cutting-edge technology and has 7 lasers on site
    There are many different makes and models of lasers used for LASIK surgery, but very few surgeons have the most advanced technology all under one roof. Dr. Manger is one of the few who does. He has 2 IntraLase femtosecond lasers that allow him to provide his patients with a 100% blade-free LASIK procedure and the 3 most advanced excimer lasers available today: the VISX Star 4 with Iris Registration, Allegretto WaveLight EX500, and Allegretto Wave Eye-Q400. Dr. Manger also has 2 wavefront lasers so he can create a truly customized LASIK procedure for each individual patient.
  • Dr. Manger works out of only one Orange County LASIK office, so he can personally provide exceptional care to his patients
    If a LASIK surgeon works from different offices, he or she can’t always be available for their patients, meaning another surgeon or possibly even a medical assistant will provide care to the patient. Multiple offices may also mean the surgeon doesn’t have access to the same technology at each location.
  • Dr. Manger offers the medical field’s most comprehensive diagnostic LASIK exam, FREE*
    Only Dr. Manger offers a FREE* 14-test diagnostic exam for potential LASIK patients.
  • Dr. Manger meets every patient during the initial diagnostic exam
    Surprisingly, some LASIK surgeons do not take the time to meet their patients until the patient is wheeled into the laser suite on the day of the surgery. Not Dr. Manger—he sees all of his patients as part of the diagnostic exam.
  • Dr. Manger personally provides follow-up care for his patients
    After the LASIK procedure, many Orange County LASIK surgeons never see their patients again and rely on the patient’s eye doctor to perform follow-up care. Not Dr. Manger—he sees all of his patients as part of their follow-up care at Saddleback Eye Center.
  • Dr. Manger and his staff go the “extra mile” for their patients
    At Saddleback Eye Center, providing a patient with lunch, transportation, or even a hotel room on surgery day is just an ordinary day at the office—catering to the patient’s comfort is one of their primary concerns.
  • Dr. Manger’s signature SameDay LASIKSM procedure saves you time—and money
    Because your time is valuable, Dr. Manger offers the option to have your diagnostic exam and LASIK procedure on the same day (call Saddleback Eye Center at 877-351-3937 to find out about SameDay LASIK Savings).

Find Your Connection to Dr. Manger and Saddleback Eye Center

Now that you know more about Dr. Manger, OC’s LASIK expert, get out there and ask around to find your 6 degrees of Dr. Charles Manger. With tens of thousands of patients who have trusted Dr. Manger as their Orange County LASIK surgeon, it’s just a matter of time until you make the connection.

Schedule Your FREE* Exam

In the meantime, to learn more about Dr. Manger and the Orange County LASIK experience you can expect at Saddleback Eye Center, visit their website at https://saddlebackeye.com. Or, sign up online for your FREE* exam (a $400 value) or call 877-351-3937 to schedule today.

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  2. Data on file. Saddleback Eye Center.
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