Lisa L.

I’m so excited about being able to play tennis.

lisaI’m Lisa and I’m here at Dr. Manger’s LASIK clinic to have my surgery done. I probably have been thinking about it for eleven years. I am so excited about being able to play tennis and not being sweaty and having my glasses fall off my nose. This has been a very difficult year for me, and so I thought this is the year to do something great for myself.

I felt like I was on the Star Wars ride at Disneyland when he was doing the surgery with all the lights and colors. It was fascinating. Looking at the digital clock was amazing, that I could read it without any effort whatsoever and without having to wake my husband to ask, “What time is it?” which was really irritating too. It is such a minimal cost for how life changing it can be.

I was always taught that God gives you certain things, and you work with what you have. And I think this is one time that your vision is such an important thing. There’s nothing more important. And if you can give back to the world, because you have all your talents in place, this is the one thing you should do for yourself.

– actual Saddleback Eye Center patient Lisa L.



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