LASIK Patient Story: Meet Dr. Auth |

LASIK Patient Story: Meet Dr. Auth

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October 25, 2019
February 10, 2020

LASIK Patient Story: Meet Dr. Auth

dr auth lasik review

dr auth lasik reviewDr. Jonathan Auth is a physician and general pediatrician in Orange County. One month ago, after 15 years of pondering over the possibility of LASIK, he decided to schedule an appointment for an exam with Dr. Manger.  Read below to hear his story:

“As a physician and general pediatrician, I have a lot of experience referring to and recommending other specialists.   I could not recommend Dr. Manger and his entire team at Saddleback Eye Center with more enthusiasm.  

With 20/500 vision, I had been a slave to my glasses and contacts for more than 25 years.  I had pondered the possibility of LASIK for nearly 15 years, and after finally deciding to pursue it, I was devastated, when my initial evaluation through my optometrist of more than 10 years, suggested that I wasn’t a candidate, due to the shape of my cornea.  

Seeking a second opinion, I took to the Internet.  While I had heard about Dr. Manger from several colleagues, I was surprised to discover the staggering volume of experience that Dr. Manger personally has acquired.   As a physician, I can attest to several factors which help ensure quality medical outcomes.  

1) The most important variable on surgical outcomes is the surgeon’s personal experience.  Dr. Manger has personally completed over 87,000 laser eye correction procedures.  As a pediatrician I think it’s important for physicians to have to have empathy, a kind heart, and passion and love for humanity.  It’s rare to find a surgeon like Dr. Manger who possesses all these attributes, AND has the expertise, experience, and outcomes to show for it. 

2) Having the right tools is critical to success.  The collection of technology at this facility is second to none.    While other vision correction centers may be able to offer discounted prices, the technology they employ is a common area where these cost savings may be observed.  Not so at Saddleback Eye Center.   

3) Surgery is complicated.  Making sure that it’s done properly, and consistently, is even more complex. Making sure that you have the right processes in place is imperative to getting the best results. In the course of my evaluation and procedure, dozens of individual steps were completed by Dr. Manger’s team, participating in an exquisite ballet, ensuring that my experience and outcome was optimal. Safety and consistency require having bulletproof processes and protocols in place.  I’ve heard some refer to Saddleback Eye Center as a “LASIK mill”.  The truth is, the entire experience is perfectly refined, from when you first schedule your evaluation appointment, to when you finish your follow up after the procedure.  Every detail is accounted for with incredible attention.
4) Having the right people in place is the fabric of the system.   While Dr. Manger is the conductor, he has surrounded himself with an orchestra of gifted individuals.  I personally interacted with a dozen different members of his team, and EVERYONE from the front desk check in, to the technicians, medical assistants, optometrists, counselors, and coordinators, were exceptionally well trained, and demonstrated their expertise, passion, and genuine care for their patients.

Three weeks ago, over the course of a SINGLE DAY, my life was changed in a dramatic fashion. I woke up that morning believing that I would not be a candidate for LASIK.  Later that afternoon, I completed the procedure with Dr. Manger, and at my follow up visit the next morning, my vision was better than 20/20, and I was seeing things more clearly than I could ever remember my entire life.  

I couldn’t be happier with the entire experience.  Thank you Dr. Manger, and everyone at Saddleback Eye Center who participated in this incredible gift!”

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