14-Step LASIK Exam: Test #2 The Alcon Topographer

We hope our previous blog on the first test we conduct during your 14-step LASIK exam, the Auto Refractor, was helpful! As we mentioned before, your LASIK exam at Saddleback Eye Center will be the most thorough in the industry. While most LASIK exams only last 45-60 minutes, your exam here will take 2 to 2.5 hours to complete. Not only will you seen by two of our optometrists and our surgeon, Dr. Manger, but you will also partake in a series of 14 different tests performed on your eyes. 

The second test we perform on the day of your LASIK exam is corneal topography using the Alcon topographer. This test maps out the outer curvature of your cornea. It is also one of the tests we use to determine if your cornea has any kind of eye condition, such as keratoconus, that would rule out LASIK. 

This mapping of your corneas is quick and painless, and it provides us with a great deal of information about your eyes. This topography of your corneas will show us where your cornea is steeper or flatter. It will also show us what your corneal astigmatism looks like, and the overall strength of your cornea. 

Our Alcon topographer is one of three topographers we have here at Saddleback Eye Center. Dr. Manger uses all three topographers during your exam, as we like to double and triple-check all of your measurements for your safety.

Curious to find out which test is next? Check back with us soon to see!

Why wait, though? Come in now to see if you are a good candidate for LASIK by taking part in our 14-step exam! 

If you are interested in scheduling a FREE* 14-step LASIK exam, or have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 949-951-4641. 

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