LASIK myths

Common LASIK myths and misconceptions about LASIK can prevent many patients from experiencing the benefits of better vision. Do any of these sound familiar?

“I was told I wasn’t a candidate for LASIK”

Sometimes, eye doctors will tell patients that they are not good candidates for LASIK simply because they do not perform LASIK and therefore are not supportive of the procedure. If you are interested in LASIK, make sure you get an expert opinion from a LASIK expert who has performed at least 50,000 procedures. Many of our patients come to us after being denied LASIK by another facility, and Dr. Manger is able to give them the great vision they are looking for.

“I can’t get LASIK because I’m farsighted”

This is one of the most common myths we hear from patients. Many people mistakenly think that because they are farsighted, LASIK won’t work for them. However, Dr. Manger has specialized in performing LASIK on farsighted patients for over a decade with superior results. His success rates demonstrate his skill and experience: 99.7% of his patients see 20/20 or better following their LASIK procedure.

“My eye doctor said LASIK cannot correct astigmatism”

People often think that LASIK cannot correct astigmatism, but Dr. Manger has been specializing in astigmatism correction for the past 16 years. Whether you are nearsighted with astigmatism, farsighted with astigmatism, or just have astigmatism alone, you are likely to be a candidate for LASIK.

LASIK won’t help me — I only wear reading glasses”

Dr. Manger offers a special LASIK procedure called “blended monovision,” which is much easier to adapt to than the older, traditional monovision still offered by some doctors. With “blended monovision,” Dr. Manger can give you both distance and up-close vision, so you no longer need reading glasses for most, if not all, up-close activities.

“LASIK needs to be redone in another 5-10 years”

For most patients, the effects of laser vision correction are permanent, especially if your procedure is performed by an experienced LASIK surgeon who offers the best quality of care. However, some patients choose their LASIK surgeon based on price, not quality. It is not unusual for these patients who are motivated by price to need to have their LASIK procedure re-done 5-10 years later. Typically, this happens to those patients who had their original procedure performed at a budget center that offered low prices at the expense of quality care and results. This is why it is so important to choose your LASIK surgeon carefully and make your decision based on documented success rates and quality, instead of using price as your main criteria.

“It doesn’t matter who you go to — the laser does all the work”

The laser is only as good as the surgeon who operates it. Experts in the LASIK industry have agreed for years — LASIK is 90% surgeon and 10% technology. The best laser technology in the world cannot compensate for an inexperienced surgeon. Consider this: anyone can pick up a paintbrush to paint a picture, but only a highly skilled artist can create a masterpiece. That same theory applies to LASIK. In other words, your LASIK result will only be as good as the surgeon you choose. Dr. Manger has been a LASIK expert for 16 years and has the expertise to handle all types of corrections. He has invested in the most advanced LASIK technology and stays current on all advances in the industry so that he can provide the highest quality service to all his patients. His success rates demonstrate his skill and experience: 99.7% of his patients see 20/20 or better following their LASIK procedure!


Don’t give up on better vision until you meet with Dr. Manger! Schedule your free 14-test LASIK examination today. You’ll meet personally with Dr. Manger and find out if you truly are a candidate for LASIK.

Not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK. Unfortunately, we have to turn away 20% of patients we see due to health factors of their eyes. If we determine you are not a candidate for LASIK, we will let you know why we do not recommend surgery. If you are a candidate for LASIK, it is then up to you to decide on your next step.

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