LASIK and Sports: Don’t let glasses or contacts hold you back from your favorite activities!

LASIK and Sports picLASIK and Sports: Don’t let glasses or contacts hold you back from your favorite activities!Have you ever gone surfing and lost a contact lens? Have you sacrificed good distance vision while jogging outdoors so you could wear sunglasses? Wouldn’t it be nice to golf and see where the ball lands on the green?

Whether you love surfing, running, golfing, or any other physical activity, glasses and contacts can get in the way while trying to maintain an active lifestyle. Glasses are impractical for any sport, especially when they slide down your nose or fog up. Contacts carry their own risks and nuisances, from the discomfort caused by a windy day to the risk of one falling out during activities such as swimming or surfing.

The advantages of LASIK

By eliminating the need for glasses or contacts, LASIK surgery can make your favorite activities more enjoyable. Aside from benefiting from the convenience of not having to rely on corrective lenses, LASIK patients often experience vision better than 20/20, which may enhance their athletic performance for many activities due to better peripheral vision or an improved ability to judge distances.

Resuming normal activities after LASIK

After having LASIK surgery, patients are able to resume normal activities — such as jogging and working out — the very next day. We have many patients play golf the day after LASIK, and we even had a patient win a club tennis tournament the day following her LASIK procedure! The few restrictions after the LASIK procedure are very minimal, which include no swimming for two weeks and no heavy weightlifting for three days. After LASIK, you will be back to your active lifestyle in no time!

Whether you work out at the gym, run, golf, surf, or swim, LASIK surgery can better your quality of life and performance.


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