How Dr. Manger is Shaping the Next Generation of Medical Professionals

As anyone in medicine knows, getting some clinical experience before going to medical school is of the utmost importance. For the past decade, Saddleback Eye Center has trained many of the next generation of medical technicians, physician assistants, doctors, and nurses. Dr. Manger, best known for providing the best LASIK eye surgery in Orange County, is paving the way by teaching future medical professionals how to treat patients with compassion, kindness, and accuracy. He invests time and knowledge into helping aspiring medical professionals learn what it requires to be successful in their field.

At the top of his career, Dr. Manger takes an increasing interest in the education of his medical assistant staff. He is a valuable mentor and has taught them how to develop comprehensive protocols to provide excellent care to patients. Dr. Manger’s medical assistants get exceptional experience with patients first-hand.

See what Dr. Manger’s former technicians have to say about their experience:

I had the opportunity to work at Saddleback Eye Center for over 5 years. Working with Dr. Manger and such a dynamic healthcare team was the best way to prepare me for my professional career as a Physician Assistant. Each day I practice medicine I apply the discipline and work ethic that I learned while working at SEC to my practice. I was able to observe Dr. Manger’s combination of attention to detail, and stellar bedside manner, and now I provide that same high quality care to my patients. I am ever grateful for my experience at Saddleback Eye Center.

I worked alongside Dr. Manger as a surgical technician at Saddleback Eye Center. I learned first-hand the importance of developing comprehensive systems and protocols to provide excellent care to each of our patients. This experience was foundational in putting me on my current path towards becoming a cardiac anesthesiologist.

Working for Dr. Manger definitely prepared me for medical school and my career as a PA. Dr. Manger holds himself to a very high standard, and I learned I must do the same for myself. A hard work ethic and zero tolerance for mistakes is the difference between a good doctor and a great doctor. Thank you Saddleback Eye Center!

I want to thank Saddleback Eye Center for preparing me for a future in the medical field! The detailed protocols and level of accountability Dr. Manger has trained all his technicians on really developed my skills. I felt that if I could succeed at Saddleback Eye Center, I could succeed anywhere.

I truly appreciate the opportunity and experience Saddleback Eye Center gave me. The biggest thing I took away from working with Dr. Manger was how to communicate and be efficient. Communication is key in order to always be on the same page as the doctors and the rest of the staff, and eliminate any possibility of confusion. That lesson is important no matter what field or career you have!

Thanks to Saddleback Eye Center, I know the importance of attention-to-detail in all tasks I do both big and small. This, along with the discipline and checking systems I was taught by Dr. Manger, have really helped me to excel in my medical career.

The firsthand experience in surgery with Dr, Manger, as well as the many systems and protocols I was taught at Saddleback Eye Center really helped set the foundation for my medical career today as an OBGYN.

The rigorous training that I received while working for Dr. Manger really helped my path into the medical field today. Learning the importance of communication amongst staff, discipline in following protocols in all tasks, as well as triple-checking all my work have really helped shape me into the medical professional I am today.
– ANH T.

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