Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Charles Manger III

Dr. Charles Manger III graduated from the United States Naval Academy with degrees in Math and Nuclear Science and then went to medical school at USC. Dr. Manger completed the LA County/USC Medical Center Ophthalmology Program in 1980. He is a board certified Ophthalmologist and founded Saddleback Eye Center in Laguna Hills, CA where he specializes in LASIK eye surgery. Dr. Manger feels much of the success of his Ophthalmology career comes from the lessons he learned at the USC Medical School and Ophthalmology programs. He values the importance of an excellent foundation of education and wants to help impart knowledge and wisdom to the next generation of Ophthalmologists. In 2007, he made a generous donation to the USC Roski Eye Institute to establish the Charles C. Manger III Endowed Chair in Corneal Laser Surgery. The Chair is currently held by the acting Chairman of USC’s Department of Ophthalmology Dr. J Martin Heur.

One important lesson Dr. Manger learned during his Ophthalmology training experience was Tuesday morning resident teaching rounds. Dr. Manger has adopted this concept in his practice at Saddleback Eye Center and has training rounds every workday morning with all staff members to optimize communication and efficiency. When it comes to LASIK eye surgery, patient education is key, so these daily meetings with all staff members insures that the information given to the patient is consistent throughout the office.


After a few years in general ophthalmology, Dr. Manger decided to dedicate his practice to LASIK only. Over the past 24 years, Dr. Manger has done over 93,000 LASIK procedures. LASIK makes a significant positive impact on patient’s lives, and that help he gives other people is what motivates Dr. Manger to provide the best LASIK experience to his patients. At the initial exam, many patients are nervous to get the LASIK procedure done. After hearing about Dr. Manger’s experience and background, they feel confident in his ability to perform the procedure successfully. After LASIK with Dr. Manger, patients have the crystal clear vision without dependence on glasses and contact lenses.

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