Your Old Glasses Can Help

eyeglassesYour old glasses can help change someone’s life!

Did you just have LASIK surgery? Do you have a pair of old glasses you don’t need anymore? Bring your old glasses to Dr. Manger’s office, and we will donate them to the local Lions Club to recycle.

The Lions Recycle for Sight program was created by the Lions Club to help people with vision problems in developing countries. Several times throughout the year, members of the Lions Club collect used eyeglasses, reading glasses, bifocals, and sunglasses from various doctors’ offices. Volunteers clean the glasses and sort them by prescription strength. The glasses are then donated to people in developing countries where they are needed most.

According to the World Health Organization, 153 million people worldwide have uncorrected vision problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Although these refractive errors can easily be corrected with glasses, millions of people in developing nations can’t afford corrective lenses. Without glasses, school and work become difficult, pushing people even deeper into poverty.

For less than 8 cents, the Lions Club can provide a pair of recycled glasses to someone in need. For children, better vision means a better education and a better quality of life. Adults are able to seek better employment opportunities, and seniors are able to regain some of their independence when they can see clearly.

The Recycle for Sight program accepts prescription glasses and sunglasses as well as plastic and metal frames. All types of glasses are needed.

Dr. Manger is proud to have participated in the Lions Recycle for Sight program for the past 20 years. “It is such a rewarding experience knowing that you can take an old pair of glasses that would have otherwise been thrown away and give them to someone in need to help change their lives,” says Dr. Manger. Visit the Lions Club International website to learn more.

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