Winter Getaway After LASIK:

LASIK surgery skierWinter Getaway After LASIK:

As we all know, the holiday season is an extremely busy time to travel to family get-togethers and holiday celebrations. Whether you are visiting family for the holidays, or going on a winter vacation, the added hassle of dealing with glasses or contact lenses makes this time of year that much more stressful. But, there’s an answer – LASIK eye surgery! This procedure can restore your vision so you no longer need to wear corrective lenses, giving you more time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends!

Can I Fly After LASIK?

Absolutely. The cabin pressure in the airplane will not affect your procedure whatsoever. Just be sure to keep your lubricating drops handy, as the air circulation inside the plane tends to dry out your eyes.

What about Skiing or Snowboarding?

You can ski or snowboard the day after LASIK! Just be sure to wear your protective goggles, and keep your lubricating drops handy in your jacket pocket. The altitude will not affect your procedure, and you will be able to enjoy these winter activities with freedom from glasses or contact lenses.

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