What to expect the day of your procedure

What to expect

The LASIK eye surgery cost will depend on the condition of your eyes. Recovery from All-Laser Custom LASIK is a relatively quick process compared to other forms of surgery. However, it is up to you to allow your eyes to heal after the procedure, which means following all the instructions given to you by Dr. Manger and his staff after they determine if you are a candidate for LASIK.

  • Plan to spend 2-3 hours with us the day of your scheduled procedure.
  • Arrange for a ride home from the procedure, since you should not drive immediately following LASIK surgery. For patients who live outside of Orange County, complimentary hotel accommodations and transportation can be arranged through our office. For more information, please read Traveling from Outside Orange County.
  • Wear comfortable clothing for the procedure.
  • Eat a regular meal before your appointment and do not drink alcohol.
  • Do not wear eye makeup, perfume, or cologne on the day of your procedure.
  • Soft contact lens wearers should be out of their contacts for two days prior to their procedure if possible. Gas permeable/hard contact lens wearers should be out of their contacts for two weeks prior to their procedure.
  • All of our patients are encouraged to wear high-quality, polarized sunglasses following their surgery.
  • Members of your family are always welcome to accompany you to our office. They can even watch your procedure as you have All-Laser Custom LASIK if they would like.


Post-Operative Care

While most LASIK centers provide only 6-12 months of post-operative care, Dr. Manger includes all your post-operative care for one full year following your procedure. This includes your initial post-operative medications, post-op visits, and any necessary enhancement you may need.

Less than 3% of Dr. Manger’s patients require an enhancement procedure and there is no additional charge for this.

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