Susan W.

The process was very easy and very quick.

Susan WHi, my name is Susan. I had my LASIK procedure about 6 months ago, and it was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. The whole process was absolutely fabulous. It was actually my husband’s idea – he made my appointment and I went to the exam.

My experience was great! I was nervous about the process, but Dr. Manger and his staff made me feel at ease. Everyone was so friendly and professional. They made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I loved having a coach at my side walking me through each step of the process.

The staff was so friendly; they made me feel comfortable and confident about my decision. The process itself was easy. Very easy and very quick. I just wish I would have done it done sooner.

I could immediately tell a difference in my eyesight. I would recommend Saddleback Eye Center to everyone. The staff was fantastic, so helpful and informative. I felt like I was in good hands – I had nothing to worry about.

There was no pain, no discomfort – it was fast and it was easy. I came back the next day for my follow-up exam and my vision was 20/15. I can’t wait to go swimming and boating. Thank you!!!

– actual Saddleback Eye Center patient Susan W.


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