Summer Vacay after LASIK Eye Surgery with Dr. Charles Manger

Summer Vacay After LASIK Eye SurgerySummer Vacay after LASIK Eye Surgery. Finally, summer is right around the corner! Whether you’re planning on relaxing on a tropical beach, exploring historic destinations, or camping under the stars, glasses and contacts can cause unnecessary hassle. How many of you have ever lost your glasses while on vacation, or forgotten your contact case and had to improvise? After LASIK, all these worries disappear!

LASIK will make your summer trip much more enjoyable:

How much fun is it to hike with glasses on, having to push them back up the bridge of your nose every 30 seconds? Ever tried wearing contacts at the beach and had sand get in your eye? A lot of you probably end up removing the glasses or contacts completely because they become such a hindrance. When this happens, you could miss out on seeing the sea turtle while snorkeling, or miss the details of the Colosseum while exploring Italy. Don’t miss these memories. After LASIK you can experience summer activities like never before!


Summer and swimming, whether in a pool or the ocean, go hand-in-hand. After LASIK, you can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water activities with crystal clear vision!


You can fly the day after LASIK surgery! The cabin pressure in the airplane will not affect your procedure whatsoever. Just be sure to keep your lubricating drops handy, as the air inside the cabin of a plane tends to be dry!

Summer Vacay after LASIK Eye Surgery Post.

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