Orange County LASIK Procedures

Orange County LASIK photoFor some, it’s human nature to initially fear something, until you have the right information — especially when it comes to how safe LASIK is when done by a very experienced surgeon.

Our eyes are one of the most important organs. They are ones of the most sensitive, too. We are often hesitant to undergo any kind of eye surgery for fear of blindness and complications. It’s a good thing that with Saddleback’s custom Orange County LASIK procedures, the fear of going blind is something not to worry about.

Just like any surgery, all LASIK surgeries have risks. However, the risks are very rare because in the hands of a skilled LASIK surgeon like Dr. Manger, the complication is less than 0.1%. That’s a very reassuring figure for those who are hesitant to undergo the procedure for fear that they will go blind. The benefits of a successful lasery eye surgery are just too great to even consider the very low risks associated with such a procedure.

Here’s what Dr. Manger has to say about how blindness isn’t an issue with LASIK:

  • Success rate is 99.7% 20/20 or better at SEC.
  • The other 0.3% can see 20/30 and have declined LXE.
  • These are documented results with over 70,000 procedures.
  • SEC has a very thorough exam process of 14 different tests and are very detail-oriented, so fear isn’t a concern our patients need to have.


Understanding the risks as well as the benefits of Orange County laser eye surgery goes a long way in taking away the anxiety that might keep us from undergoing a procedure that will tremendously improve the quality of our life. Talking to Dr. Manger and his staff is the first step towards understanding how laser eye surgery Orange County works. With a deeper understanding of the procedure, the fears of going blind and other complications will be replaced with the confidence that you are reaping the benefits of a clear vision.

Don’t let your fear stop you from doing what you deserve: a clear vision and the chance to enjoy your life to the fullest. With the help of an eye surgeon who has built a reputation of success and unsurpassed results with his Orange County LASIK procedures, you’re assured of 20/20 vision safely and quickly.




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