Kristin C.

The world is a whole new place for me.

Kristin CMy name is Kristin. I had LASIK in February of 2011 and it has been a tremendous experience.

I hated glasses and contacts – they gave me a headache and I couldn’t deal with that everyday, so I learned to function without wearing them. I put my contacts in only when I had a softball game. They would dry my eyes out and I would be putting drops my eyes in between every inning. I didn’t want to deal with all of it.

If you are thinking of LASIK, and would like it done but you are asking yourself, “Can I afford it?” or thinking, “I have all these things going on” … don’t wait. I wouldn’t wait at all. I’m 26 years old and I wish I would have done this in college.

The world is a whole new place for me and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I have a friend who had LASIK done by this wonderful team about a year ago. She said it was the best money she had ever spent and such a great experience because of how accommodating the staff is. I impulsively booked a consultation, having no idea I was going to leave that day with brand-new vision. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, every single person I encountered was incredibly warm and welcoming. Thank you Dr. Manger for your time, expertise, and incredible gift and thank you to the entire team!

– actual Saddleback Eye Center patient Kristin C.


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