Danger of Budget LASIK Centers

LASIK is not a commodity — you won’t get the same outcome with different surgeons – there are 20-30 decisions a surgeon must make on every eye.

Do it right the first time and avoid complications or further LASIK procedures.

Your outcome will only be as good as the surgeon you choose.

 Budget LASIK centers are unable to live up to the high industry standards and provide quality LASIK to their patients.  Unfortunately, if a patient chooses to go to a budget center they run the risk of suffering from visual complications afterwards.  Congress did a review on LASIK in 2006 and found that 1 in 6 people who went to a budget center for LASIK were not happy with their visual results.

If you are seriously considering LASIK it is important to weigh the risks of going to a budget LASIK center or an Orange County LASIK surgeon who has multiple locations.

The risks of going to a budget LASIK center include:


  • Getting an inexperienced surgeon
    Many ophthalmologists who do LASIK are not specialists and typically only do 1 to 2 LASIK procedures a week and perform other eye procedures like routine eye care, or cataract surgery.
  • Multiple centers or centers with multiple doctors
    The staff and doctors are spread out over different offices so you don’t always know who you will see when you go in for an exam or if you will see the surgeon.
  • Old technology and equipment
    They only use a metal blade for the procedure or have limited diagnostic equipment because they do not specialize in LASIK.
  • Extra charges or hidden fees
    Budget centers may charge more for aftercare, eye drops, enhancements, or technology upgrades that will cost the patient more money


LASIK EYE SURGERY COST: The Difference Between Budget Centers & Orange County LASIK experts at Saddleback Eye Center

While you might find that BUDGET centers are easier on our pocket book, what you dont realize are the costs of  complications afterward and the care provided.


Potential Hidden LASIK Costs:

  • Higher price for a higher prescription surgery
  • Enhancements & touch ups (Saddleback has no charge for a re-exam and even surgery up to 2 years!)
  • Antibiotic drops
  • Aftercare (Covered 2 years with Saddleback. Including vision check, dry eyes, reassurance counseling, etc.)


LASIK is in your budget.

Budget LASIK centers eye photoAnd don’t forget the cost of LASIK surgery in California IS affordable with an offer like Saddleback Eye Center’s offer of  0% interest financing with an average monthly payment of just $100-$200. It is affordable!

We offer 0% financing with an average monthly payment of $100-200.

If you can afford cable TV, you can afford laser eye surgery to see it!


Dr. Manger at Saddleback Eye Center believes that every eye deserves the best technology and care possible for LASIK.  “We are not willing to use older technology on anybody”, according to Dr. Manger.

To learn more about Saddleback Eye Center LASIK prices and Dr. Manger’s quality of care, schedule your FREE Orange County LASIK exam or contact us for more info at 877-351-3937.




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