Crush Your LASIK Fears

Crush LASIK Fears imgThe best way to crush LASIK fears is to shift your focus on how to find the best LASIK surgeon with excellent background and help ensure a successful surgery. That is why at Saddleback Eye Center, we have the best LASIK surgeon in Orange County to provide you with all the information you need to know about LASIK, so you can feel comfortable and can make a decision that is right for you!

The Four Most Common Fears Surrounding LASIK:

  1. Can I lose my vision?
    • No, not as long as your procedure is performed by an experienced LASIK surgeon, such as Dr. Manger. 99.7% of Dr. Manger’s patients see 20/20 or better after their procedures (the other 0.3% see 20/30 and are happy with their vision). No one has ever lost vision by having LASIK with Dr. Manger.
  2. Is LASIK Painful?
    • If LASIK is performed properly it does not cause patients any pain. Learn what to expect on a LASIK procedure in Orange County by attending our seminars.
    • For patients who are nervous, we do offer a mild sedative before the procedure so you are comfortable and relaxed during your procedure.
    • Every day we hear patients say, “If I knew it was that easy, I would’ve done this years ago!”
  3. What if I move my eyes during the procedure?
    • All of Dr. Manger’s lasers have eye trackers which track the motion of your eye over 1000 times per second! These trackers will pick up even the smallest movement of your eye, so you don’t need to worry about anything going wrong.
  4. The Price
    • You either get a great quality or low price, never both.
    • Every month we see a handful of patients who have had LASIK previously at a budget center. They come in to see if Dr. Manger can improve their vision because they did not have a good result the first time. Half of the time Dr. Manger is able to help them, but the other half, there’s nothing he can do. LASIK is something you want to do right the first time, so make sure you don’t make mistakes when choosing a LASIK surgeon in Orange County.
    • Having the best quality procedure will ensure you the best results and help you to crush LASIK fears. At Saddleback Eye Center, we don’t cut corners on quality or care at the expense of your vision.
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