Am I Too Old for LASIK?

Am I Too Old for LASIK? One of the most commonly asked questions at Saddleback Eye Center is, “Am I too old to get LASIK eye surgery?” The answer is “No!” Dr. Manger has performed LASIK on people of various ages, from patients as young as 18 to our oldest at 91 years old!

For a lot of our patients, like 83 year-old Grover, using glasses for everything became a real nuisance. Luckily, LASIK is a great option for many people who wish to get rid of the hassle of glasses and contacts.

Grover had his LASIK exam on October 9th, 2017 and after finding out he was a great candidate for the procedure decided to stay and have the procedure done that same day.

At his one-day post-operative exam, Grover was seeing 20/20 in the distance without the use of glasses! Here’s Grover shared a month after his procedure:

LASIK eye surgery Yelp review

To schedule a *complimentary 3D LASIK consultation, give our office a call at 949-951-4641 or click here to schedule an appointment!

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