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Dr. Manger has performed more than 81,000 LASIK procedures and provided unsurpassed outcomes for his patients — 99.7% of his patients see 20/20 or better following their procedure. The other 0.3% happily see 20/30.1 It’s no surprise then that so many former patients have taken the time to make LASIK surgeon reviews and laser eye center reviews about Dr. Manger and their experience at Saddleback Eye Center. Read these laser eye surgery reviews from Dr. Manger’s LASIK patients:

Katie S - Lasik Patient Review

Shawn S - Lasik Patient

LASIK Patient Review




Spencer Paysinger

I have been wanting LASIK for the past few years now and wherever I went, I heard Dr. Manger’s name mentioned. As a football player, we have to see and react instantly and I always found myself straining my eyes to see the simple things on the field. Continue reading

Kristin S.

No question that I made the right decision on selecting Saddleback Eye Center to take care of my eyes. I opted not to go with many options near my home in West Hollywood to come here. After researching Saddleback I can say the only thing that needs to be stressed further is how easy and fast the procedure(s) are. Continue reading

Sally M.

It is wonderful to wake up and see the world again The office staff are very professional, very efficient. They made the effort of making me feel comfortable. They explained the process every step of the way. I have read … Continue reading

Kevin N.

I can see! Thank you Dr. Manger! I learned of Saddleback Eye Center from the John & Ken Show. I did a Google Search and discovered that they had a five (out of five) star rating. I was very pleased … Continue reading

Gima H.

I am looking forward to my future without glasses I was surprised at how quick the procedure was. Once identified as a good candidate for laser treatment, the actual event was about twenty minutes. There was no pain at any … Continue reading


I felt 100% safe and confident with Dr. Manger What a wonderful doctor, staff doctors and crew! I felt 100% safe and confident handing my eyes over to Dr. Manger to fix. It all started with the seminar that I … Continue reading

John B.

The gift of sight is a true miracle Dear Dr. Manger, I have worn high-prescription (-9) glasses since the age of 2. This precluded me from playing many sports and always made me feel self conscious and a little awkward. … Continue reading

Bill L.

My experience with Saddleback was great My experience at Saddleback Eye Center was great. The staff was very professional and made me feel very comfortable with my decision to have the LASIK monovision treatment. I came in for an exam … Continue reading

Jaymee F.

I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my eyes Dr. Manger, Thank you so much for giving me my vision back. As soon as I stood up after the procedure and looked across the room, I knew I did the right … Continue reading

Rachel A.

I had been thinking of LASIK for years I had been thinking of LASIK surgery for years. I was very skeptical about the whole procedure since this is the only set of eyes I have. After my exam/consultation with Dr. … Continue reading

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