LASER EYE SURGERY: The Safest Elective Procedure In the World

laser eye surgery imgEveryday, we have patients come to Saddleback Eye Center to determine if laser eye surgery can help correct their vision so that they no longer require the use of glasses and contact lenses. Often, patients come into our office with fear about having a laser eye surgery procedure on their eyes. With a warm smile, we reassure them that they don’t have to worry! Not only are they coming to Dr. Manger, California’s LASIK Specialist and the most experienced LASIK surgeon on the West Coast, but LASIK eye surgery has actually been determined to be the safest, most successful and most studied elective procedure in the world.

In fact, several medical studies have shown that there is a 98% overall patient satisfaction rates for those who have had LASIK to correct their vision. Results from the medical studies, PROWL-1 and PROWL-2, conclude that between 91.5% and 97.5% of patients had their uncorrected vision measured at 20/20 or better following their LASIK procedure. Here at Saddleback Eye Center, Dr. Manger maintains an unparalelled success rate of 99.7% of his patients seeing 20/20 or better (with 72% of patients seeing better than 20/20).

In addition to its outstanding success rate, studies have shown that patients who experienced glare or halos with their glasses or contact lenses prior to laser eye surgery, may experience less of those symptoms after surgery.

Ultimately, LASIK eye surgery is an extremely safe and effective procedure when performed by a LASIK Specialist such as Dr. Manger. To schedule a complimentary* LASIK exam, please call (949) 951-4641 to speak with one of our counselors or click here now!

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